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    IDM UltraCompare Professional v6.20

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    A complement to your file management suite, UltraCompare Professional is loaded with features to enable you to compare **** files and folders, as well as zip files and jar archives. **** file compare features include binary and **** compare of two or three **** files at a time, with the ability to merge **** differences between compared files. Folder compare supports comparison of local/network directories (and subdirectories with recursive folder compare) and zip file compare as well, and like ****/binary compare, you can merge differences between compared directories. With automatic integration with UltraEdit or UEStudio, UltraCompare Professional is a compare tool you should not be without!

    Chances are if you're reading this you already use UltraEdit, but you probably don't have UltraCompare Professional yet. You may not realize how important such a **** file compare tool is or how versatile it can be.

    You may have even used UltraCompare Lite but are now finding that this lightweight comparison utility is not robust enough for your **** editing purposes. UltraCompare Professional boasts a fuller **** compare feature set with **** file compare for two or three files AND includes folder compare for two to three folders. Of course, we've also included merge capabilities, ignore options, FTP support, and more. Compare the differences yourself between UltraCompare Lite and UltraCompare Professional.

    If you are inspecting your file or code changes by hand you are losing precious time, accuracy and productivity. Compare and merge operations are the cornerstone of a differences tool, and we have placed many merge/post-merge features into UltraCompare so you can easily compare your differences and merge your selections with confidence and trust. Whether you are a lone developer or work as part of a team, how many times have you wanted to compare your **** files or compare source code to modified versions, and merge your changes into the newer versions?

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